b'MINIKEGSPerfect for smaller experimental batches.No bottling or wasting that little bitleft over from standard sized batches.Portable sizePressure CarbonateStainless steel bodyHandles for easy transportationMangrove Jacks Mini Keg 3L with BallMangrove Jacks Mini Keg 5L with BallMangrove Jacks Mini Keg 10L with Ball Lock Cap & Diptube Lock Cap & Diptube Lock Cap & DiptubeThe 3L keg can be used as a growlerThe perfect portable, stainless steel,Get the party started with this portable, without the ball lock cap - perfect for5L keg solution. Able to pressurestainless steel, 10L keg. Able to filling up at your favourite tap room orcarbonate with ball lock cap. Height:pressure carbonate with ball lock cap. brewery. Height: 26.5cm. Width: 14cm. 27cm. Width: 18cm. Height: 48cm. Width: 18cm.59.95 69.95 79.95CALL 01254 315082 OR ORDER ONLINE AT BREW2BOTTLE.CO.UK WITH MANGROVE JACKS PAGE 1BRING THE BREWERY INTO YOUR OWN HOME'