b'BREW2BOTTLE TOP PICKSWINE KITSSolomon Grundy Classic 30 BottleSolomon Grundy Platinum 30 BottleSolomon Grundy Country 6 Bottle WIne Kits Wine Kits Wine KitsLove Solomon Grundy Classic but needProduces 30 bottles of premium wineA summer favourite. This kit will a bigger quantity? These kits producein just 7 days. This kit boasts increasedproduce 6 bottles of fruit wine, 30 bottles of Red, Rose, White or Sweetconcentrate and also includes 7 kilosincluding Elderflower, Strawberry, White in just 7 days. of sugar.Apricot and Bilberry flavour profiles, within 7 days.From 19.95 From 32.95 From 9.95WINE KITSVine Co Original Series 30 BottleHedgerow 6 Bottle Wine Kits Cantina 5 Day 28 Bottle Wine KitsWine KitsTurn your fruit in wine with this kit, justCantina wine kits, are the ultimateVineCo Original Series - when you wantadd sugar and water. This kit is Idealcombination of speed and quality, even an all-round easy drinking wine. This kitfor both beginners and experiencedsugar is included. will make 30 bottles of wine in 4 weeks. winemakers.From 49.95 From 6.95 From 32.95Magnum 30 Bottle Wine Kits Australian Blend 30 Bottle 7 Day WineOn The House 30 Bottle Wine KitsKitsExcellent Value.A compact can kitSimple and straightforward, choose utilising100% pure Italian grapeOne of the cheapest kits to includeyour favourite red, white or blush style concentrates, produces good qualitysugar on the market, just add water toand be proud of these easy-drinking table wines within 2 weeks. create 30 bottles of wine in 7 days. everyday house wines.From 17.95 From 32.95 From 41.95ALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'