b'Specialist Home Brew | www.brew2bottle.co.ukBENS FIRST BREW. LETSSEE HOW IT WENT! After spending some time learning the brewing process and getting to know our products, Ben decided it was time to step up and attempt his first ever brew. As a wine lover. WineBuddy Cabernet Sauvignon was the brew of choice, so lets take a closer look at how the brew went and whether or not he managed to put that new knowledge to the testI was very excited to give winemaking a go and bought the WineBuddy Cabernet Sauvignon Starter Kit based on recommendations from the BrewMaster. He suggested a WineBuddy kit as it is simple and consistently makes a tasty brew. I was keen to try it and took a lidded bucket, siphoning equipment, brewing sugar and kit home. I set up a workstation in my kitchen. Fortunately, my other half enjoys a red so did not mind the experiment in the kitchen.I first laid out all the ingredients, so I knew what I had. Growing up, my Dads favourite acronym was RTM (Read The Manual) so, it is engrained in me to read the instructions all the way through at least once, before doing anything. The guide was nice and simple to follow. After mixing it all together I waited for fermentation to begin, then simply watched as its form changed every day and started to smell good. Once the time has passed it got to my favourite bit, which was the syphoning because I felt like a real wine maker and it was my first taste of the wine I has made. Finally, I bottled it in some empties that I already had at home and put a random sticker over the existing wine bottle label to make it my own and away we go! It was rather sweet, but it was drinkable. I did find that the last bottle I had a week later, tasted much better than the first. Next time I will leave the wine a couple of days in the bottle before diving in.Ben Yerkess | Brew BeginnerCALL THE HOPLINE ON 01254 315082 OR ORDER ONLINE AT BREW2BOTTLE.CO.UK'