b'THE WINE KIT REVIEWEDBENS FIRST BREW. LETS Lets take a closer look at Bens kit of choice. The WineBuddy Cabernet Sauvignon is a deeply coloured wine, rich in blackcurrant and SEE HOW IT WENT!mint flavours and tannins. New to brewing Ben was right to pick this starter kit, as it included everything he needed to produce six bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon. All you need to add is 900g of Brewing Sugar & Water. What is included in the kit? 2 x 5L Fermentation buckets 1 Fermentation bucket lid Stirring spoonWineBuddy 6 Bottle Starter Kit - Cabernet HydrometerSauvignonSyphon tube and clip 6 x Wine labels and plastic bottle stoppersThe WineBuddy range of homebrew wine kits Cabernet Sauvignon ingredients kitwill make you 6 bottles of commercial strength wine in just 7 days. Making your own wine at home has never been easier! BENS RATINGOverall, my first brew turned out ok. I think by error I added too much sugar, which is theWINE KITSOnly 17.95 only reason Im not giving a five-star rating. I imagine a more seasoned brewer could avoid that mistake and end up with a nicer tipple.ALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'