b'Specialist Home Brew | www.brew2bottle.co.ukBREWMASTER TIPSQUERIES + FIXESOur resident BrewMaster, Martyn, has answered some of the most common questions and queries we receive from our customers regarding all things home brew. For more helpful tips, tricks, instructions and guides, why not visit the Guides & Tips section on our website? DO I HAVE TO BOTTLE MY FINISHED BREW STRAIGHT AWAY?The instructions provided are more of a rough guideline than a you must do this. With homebrewing there is a bit of science behind producing your brew and occasionally it means going against the grain. In terms of storage, if you always keep the vessel sealed your brew will be fine for a little while longer. Personally, I would advise leaving it a few days longer than on the instructions to enhance the flavour.HOW LONG DOES MY BREWED BEER LAST FOR?There is not really a right or wrong answer, you can never give an exact day to drink your brew by. However, if the brew is stored in the correct conditions, in bottles inside a fridge or pressurised inside a keg or barrel, I would expect the brew to certainly last a good couple of months. But realistically, I would expect the brew to be drank by then!MY AIRLOCK ISNT BUBBLING, WHAT SHOULD I DO?My first response is do not panic! Just because you cannot see anything doesnt mean it isnt happening. Every brew is different, you may have brewed 1 kit or 1000 kits, but the yeast will react differently in each brew. It is important to have a hydrometer to check the gravity of your brew. I would advise checking the gravity over a 2-3-day period and observe the readings. If you are still not happy there is always a couple of troubleshooting techniques to try, dont hesitate to get in touch were more than happy to help.MY PRESSURE BARREL DOESNT HOLD PRESSURE, CAN YOU HELP?There are two things I always ask customers to check whenever theyre having issues with the pressure in the barrels, listen out for any hissing or leaking around the valve or the tap areas. It is always one or the other. In this situation, I would advise getting in touch with Brew2Bottle and reporting the fault. It is sometimes, just the case of replacing the smallest parts on the valve or tap and the issue is fixed. I would always advise testing the barrel when you first receive it, using water, so you can check for any leaks and do not end up losing any of the brew!CALL THE HOPLINE ON 01254 315082 OR ORDER ONLINE AT BREW2BOTTLE.CO.UK'