b'HOW MANY FERMENTING VESSELS DO I NEED?There is no real right or wrong answer for this one, because part of joy of the homebrewing experience is trying different things and working out what we like. I personally use two buckets because I like to rack off the beer before bottling, but I know quite a lot of brewers are happy to brew in one bucket and transfer the brew straight to the bottle/barrel.HOW DO I KNOW WHAT THE IDEAL GRAVITY READING SHOULD BE?Gravity readings typically should finish anywhere between 1.000 and 0.996/0.995 depending on what type of kit it is that you are brewing. Wines will always have a much higher SG (Starting Gravity) than beer kits, but their alcohol percentage is much higher at the end. The formula for working out the gravity is SG-FG x 131.25 = ABVMY FERMENTATION HAS STOPPED, HOW DO I RESTART IT? We need to ensure that the fermentation has stopped. I think sometimes we get so caught up with what is going on in the Airlock when the brew starts fermenting, that we begin to panic once we cannot see anything anymore. It is natural that the bubbling becomes less vigorous as fermentation occurs. My first call would be to take a couple of hydrometer readings over a 2-3-day period to ensure fermentation has stopped and it is not just the bubbling in the airlock. If the fermentation has stalled, my first port of call is always to give the brew a good stir for 30 seconds and allow 24 hours, to see if there is any more bubbling. If not, we can look to apply a restart yeast, but we would just want to ensure the brew has had a good stir before moving to that option.MY BOTTLE CONDITIONED BEER IS FLAT, ANY IDEAS?Firstly, I would say check your seals on the bottles. A lot of customers use swing top bottles and its important the lids are pressed down correctly. There are two real reasons for flat beer, the main one tends to be that the bottles are not given enough time and are opened far too early.If you are conditioning, I would recommend leaving the beers a minimum of two weeks. The second reason would be that there was never enough priming sugar in the brew. It is imperative the correct dosage of dextrose or carbonation drops is applied to the brew.NEED MORE ADVICE?GET IN TOUCH!The Brew2Bottle team are here to help you get the best from your brew. If you have any questions about brewing, mashing, fermenting, bottling or anything in between, please feel free to get in touch. We love to hear from our fellow brewers and talk all things home brew.01254 315082 @BREW2BOTTLE @BREW2BOTTLESALES@BREW2BOTTLE.CO.UK @BREW2BOTTLEALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'