b'BREW2BOTTLE TOP PICKSEQUIPMENT9.45ltr Cornelius Keg 19ltr Cornelius Keg 5ltr Glass Demijohn BundlesCornys or Cornelius Kegs are theA fully fledged and efficient alternativeCheck out our huge range of glass ultimate stainless steel pressure keg forto the time-consuming process of bottledemijohn bundles! With over 14 many hobby brewers. washing, cleaning and filling. different bundles to choose from, you can brew in style and save money in the process.76.95 79.95 From 7.95EQUIPMENTBrew2Bottle 25ltr Home Brew Heat Pad Emily Style Twin Lever Capper Winemaster Corks (150 Pack)The Heat Pad from Brew2Bottle is aThis Emily style capper utilises gears,Winemaster corks are premium quality total re-think of what a home brew heatmeaning you wont need to exert asstraight sided wine bottle corks. These pad should look like. This is a flexible,much force when capping your bottles.particular corks are waxed to make it round mat which will fit under anySimply pull the twin levers and the capeasier to insert them into wine bottles bucket or vessel. will be forced onto the bottle. using any wine corker.12.95 9.95 7.45Crown Bottle Caps Alla Wine & Beer Hydrometer Bubbler Airlock BundlesCrown bottle caps available in packsWhen allowed to float free in beer,Traditional airlock for fitting to bored of 40, 100 and 1000. Also availablewine and cider it gives a readingbung or cap in demijohns, or bored lids in a variety of colours including gold,of the liquids specific gravity. Thisin fermentation buckets. Available in blue, green, red, silver, black, brownuseful device can help you track thesingles, pairs and value packs of 10.and yellow. fermentation stage of your brew.From 2.15 2.95 From 0.65ALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'