b'FULL RANGE AVAILABLE AT BREW2BOTTLE.CO.UKFERMENTASAURUS &FERMENTER KINGFull range available at Brew2Bottle - The Fermentasaurus is the worlds first conical PET fermenter that is pressurisable up to 2.4 Bar working pressure. Manufactured in Australia, this brewing system simplifies the home brewing process considerably. With greater visibility (due to the crystal-clear vessel) home brewers can now ferment, clarify and carbonate their brew in one vessel. Explore the Fermentasaurus range below, which is now available in the UK from Brew2Bottle.Fermenter King Max 60 Litres Fermentersaurus Snub Nose Starter KitFermenter King Snub Nose 60 LitresBrewers can pressurise the vessel upThe Fermentersaurus 35L Snub Nose isThe Fermentersaurus Snub Nose is to 35psi to carbonate and dispensepressuriable up to 2.4 bar and the PETpressuriable up to 2.4 bar and made of directly from Fermenter King like a kegfermenter can fit easily in a small fridge.highly specialised PET grade material. or brewers can transfer under pressureMade of a highly specialised PET gradeYou can ferment, carbonate and to stainless kegs without oxygenmaterial, you can ferment, carbonatedispense from this kit.exposure. and dispense from this kit.159.95 89.95 129.95Grainary 35 Litres Grainary 60 Litres Fermenter King Gen 3 Starter KitThe best way to store, dispense andThe best way to store, dispense andBrewers can presurise the vessel up display malt and grains. Holds 35 litresdisplay malt and grains. Holds 60 litresto 35psi to carbonate and dispense of grains. of grains. direclty from Fermenter King like a keg! Alternativley brewers can transfer under pressure to stainless kegs without oxygen exposure.34.95 69.95 124.95CALL THE HOPLINE ON 01254 315082 OR ORDER ONLINE AT BREW2BOTTLE.CO.UK'