b'FERMENTASAURUS &FERMENTER KINGFermentasaurus Spunding Valve Fermentasaurus Pressure KitDesigned to be more sanitary, accurateUsed to pressurise the Fermentasaurus, and easy to use. Brewers simply attachthis special pressure lid includes a the gauge to an MFL Gas Disconnectpressure relief valve, stainless ball lock and then set the value to hold theposts and floating dip tube.desired pressure.39.95 29.95FERMENTER KINGJUNIOR 20 LITREThe Fermenter King Junior uses the same tank mold as the King Kegs tank, but boasts the crystal clear PET material of theEQUIPMENT35L and 60L Fermenter King Unitanks. FEATURES Crystal clear PET Tank Pressure lid fitted with pressure relief value rated to 2.8bar. Stainless steel ball lock gas and liquid post. Silicone dip tube with stainless steel float ball. Can fit 2 fermenters in your fridge with ease.This is a great way to ferment fresh wort kits. Its relatively small size makes fermenting up to 18l of wort simple. Requires, a spunding valve attached to an MFL type gas disconnect (not supplied) in order to control the internal pressure of your fermenter.ONLY 49.95WHAT DO OTHER BREWERS THINK?Have been using this little gem to brew fresh wort kits and a couple of kit brews. Hasnt missed the mark yet. Brilliant, easy to clean. Have used it to ferment and cold crash brews, A Good piece of kit. - DP on January 14, 2020ALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'