b'Specialist Home Brew | www.brew2bottle.co.ukSTILLS & DISTILLINGSTILL SPIRITS FLAVOURINGWhen it comes to making your own alcoholic drinks at home, whether for the first time or when exploring something new, there are a number of avenues you can go down with varying levels of convenience. But whether youre creating something from scratch or cutting a few corners in the process, you might be surprised at how good the results can be, when using the right products.This sentiment is no different in spirit making, especially when talking about convenienceyou can almost instantly recreate your favourite spirit by adding flavourings to a simple neutral spirit or store-bought vodka.At Still Spirits, we have a wide range of flavourings and essences covering a plethora of tastes, styles and budgets. It may sound hard to believe that a spirit of drinkable quality could be created in this way but trust us - it is.WHY USE FLAVOURINGS/ESSENCESSimply put, using flavourings is easier and faster than distilling from scratch and is by far more cost-effective than buying your spirits at a retail store.HOW DO I USE FLAVOURINGSOur large range of flavourings pretty much cover any spirit flavour your taste buds might desire. Inspired by commercial spirits, our flavourings are split into 3 ranges: Top Shelf Spiritsour largest range, inspired by spirits all over the world Classicour premium selection of the worlds finest spirits Just Add Vodkaa vodka style flavouring rangeFLAVOURING PROFILESYou can even go one step further by creating your very own flavourings with our Profile Rangea selection of gin and whiskey base flavourings and adjuncts that when combined, create a flavour profile to add to neutral alcohol or vodka just like our flavour ranges above.CALL THE HOPLINE ON 01254 315082 OR ORDER ONLINE AT BREW2BOTTLE.CO.UK'