b'The Profile Range of flavourings means you can make your own unique gins and whiskeys, adjusting the various flavour measurements to suit your tastes. Looking for a smokier flavour in your whiskey? Add a little Peat Smoke Flavouring. Whiskey needs a bit of bite? Try the Astringent Notes Flavouring for some sharp bitterness. Want a fruitier whiskey? Add some Fruity Esters! You get the picture.You can buy our Profile Range flavourings individually, or simply buy one of our Flavouring Craft Kits for the full range and better value for money. We have two kits available - the Whiskey Flavouring Craft Kit and the Gin Flavouring Craft Kit. Each Kit contains flavourings and adjuncts, tools, and instructions so you can start creating your own Whiskey and Gin flavours.The kits also include recipes for you to get started, but these are just a guidethe fun is in the experimentation! So, whether youre a gin connoisseur, rum lover or whiskey fan (and everything in between), why not try our vast range of flavourings to create your own spirits today? You just might be pleasantly surprised.Visit stillspirits.com for more information and where to buy.DIFFICULTYEasyTIME7-10 DaysPURITY SPIRIT & FLAVOURING60% ABVYIELD2LCAPACITY4L (1 US Gal)DISTILLING WITH THE AIR STILLWashMake an 8L (2.1 US Gal) wash by mixing water, sugar, carbon and yeast in the fermenter. Allow to sit and ferment for 7-10 days.DistilPut 4L (1 US Gal) of the fermented wash into the Air Still and turn on. 700 ml (23.6 US fl oz) of 60% ABV will be collected.Dilute and FilterDilute alcohol from 60% to 40% by adding 300 mlONLY(10.1 US fl oz) of water. Filter the alcohol by using a carbon based209.95filter.FlavourFlavour your alcohol by adding your favourite Still Spirits spirit or liqueur flavouring.ALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'