b'BREW2BOTTLE TOP PICKSSPIRITS & FLAVOURINGProhibition High Alcohol Liqueur Kits Prohibition High Alcohol Spirit Kits Still Spirits BotanicalsProhibition High Alcohol Liqueur KitsProhibition High Alcohol Spirit Kits willCreate your very own blend of will make 6 x 75cl bottles of flavouredmake 6 x 75cl bottles of flavoured spirithomemade gin with Still Spirits Gin liqueur in approx. 21 days and willin approx. 21 days and will ferment outBotanicals. Use with either the Still ferment out to approx 21% ABV.to approx 21% ABV. Requires 1.6kg ofSpirits Botanical Basket with the T500 Requires 1.6kg of brewing sugar.brewing sugar.still or the Air Still Basket as per the instructions provided with the still.From 12.95 From 12.95 From 2.95SPIRIT & FLAVOURING25ltr Alcotec Vodka Kit Still Spirits Classic Flavourings Still Spirits Spirit Vodka FlavouringsAlcotec use the finest strain yeast,With Still Spirits, you can easily make Mix a sachet in your bottle with 40% alongside the finings and activatedlow cost alcohol and turn it intoABV according to sachet instructions, carbons which allow you to producedelicious, full flavoured, alcoholictop up with water and theyre ready a perfectly clear but most importantlybeverages that evoke the taste of farto drink. Each sachet makes 1 litre of drinkable half strength vodka base. more expensive spirits & liqueurs. delicious flavoured Vodka.12.95 From 4.95 From 2.25Still Spirits Icon Top Up Still Spirits Top Shelf Spirit Bases Still Spirits Air Still Essentials KitA wide range of delicious spiritGives the ideal finished thickness andThis all in one home still is perfect for flavourings including coffee, sambuca,sweetness to Schnapps/Liqueurs. ensuring a pure distilled liquid. The Air peach, butterscotch and limoncello,Still doesnt only distil spirits it always plus much more. creates pure water & essential oils ideal for all your distilling needs.From 3.15 From 2.00 209.95ALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'