b'Brew2Bottle 25ltr Heat PadONLY You cannot rely on the British climate. The Brew2Bottle Heat EXPLORE THE BREW2BOTTLE 12.95 Pad is ideal for keeping your brews warm should the weather take a dip. Suitable for fermenting vessels 33L or smaller, BRAND | OUR PRODUCTS this stylish flexible mat, is totally wet proof and has thermal cut-out protection. This product has been thoroughly tested for safety to comply with UK regulations and is supplied with a UK plug.Ive used a lot of these mats in my time but the Brew2Bottle one out classes all others. - Paul on April 23, 2020Brew2Bottle Buckets & Lids FROMManufactured from food-safe semi transparent plastic5.75 EXCLUSIVE BREW2BOTTLE PRODUCTSso you can easily read the levels against the printed measuring guides. Designed to give a tight seal the lids will prevent any unwanted venting.Available separately or in our great value bundle packs.I purchased these items for my dad who was over the moon with the quality and price I paid - Simon on March 30, 2020FROM1.95Brew2Bottle Brewing SugarFor improved fermentation and less tang in home brewed beer, cider, wine and spirits, Brew2Bottle Brewing Sugar always out performs household sugar. Available in 1kg, 5kg or 10kg bundles.The best brewing sugar Ive found. I only purchase this from Brew2bottle as this is an amazing product at an amazing price. - Paul on May 05, 2020ALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'