b'BREW2BOTTLE TOP PICKSBEER & CIDER KITSBrewferm 16 Pint Beer Kits Magnum 30 Bottle 14 Day Cider Kits Muntons Hand Crafted 40 Pint Beer KitsYou old favourite Brewferm Kits haveThese 40 pint Magnum Cider kits are been remastered with new specificexcellent value for money. Making 40Muntons uniquely forumulated kits yeasts. pints of refreshing cider in less than 14make brewing at home fool proof. Each days. Requires 1.3kg of brewing sugar. kit contains individually canned extracts of the best brewing malts and hops.From 13.75 From 17.95 From 23.95BEER & CIDER KITSBulldog Brews Premium 40 Pint BeerGeordie 17 Day 40 Pint Beer Kits Bulldog Premium 40 Pint Cider KitKitsGeordie Liquid Kits are the simplestCider kits from Bulldog Brews all make Brewed using a range of brewers yeastway to brew. The wort (the liquor beer23 litres (40 pints) of high quality cider. strains and finishing hops. These kitsis brewed from) has already beenEverything you need is already in the contain all the ingredients you need toprepared from the finest brewingbox, just add water and brewing sugar.create your favourite quality beer. ingredients, then concentrated.From 23.95 From 9.95 From 21.95Festival Home Brew Beer Kits Mr Beer Craft Beer Kits Festival 40 Pint Cider KitsA showcase of what the world has toMr Beer American Craft Series is aIntroducing the Festival 40 Pint Cider offer in terms of beer. These kits havepremium range of 100% malt beer brewKits. Made with real fruit the Festival been produced using only the highestcans specifically designed to produce aCider kit range produces an excellent quality liquid malt & genuine brewersfuller bodied, full flavoured beer typicalrefreshing cider.yeast. of these craft beer styles.From 21.95 From 8.95 From 23.95ALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'