b'Specialist Home Brew | www.brew2bottle.co.ukBREWMASTER REVIEWSBATTLE OF THE IPASThe hoppy, export style of Indian Pale Ales are incredibly popular in pubs across the country and its translating into home brew. What is the IPA kit to buy to start crafting? Our resident BrewMaster, Martyn gives you the lowdown on two of our most popular sellers. Lets find out what he thinks. FLAVOURBODYHEADCLARITY5.7% ABV STRENGTH 6.5% ABV21.95 PRICE 22.95I am very lucky as I get to speak to our customers every day about home brew. I love discussing what the customer has brewed, their experiences of the process, whether they have had a vigorous fermentation or if they have struggled to get a brew going and ultimately if there was a tasty end result. It was actually customer feedback that prompted me to write this review.To make things more interesting, the Brew2Bottle team decided we should compare two kits that are ultimately in competition with one another, Youngs IPA and the Razorback IPA, creating a Youngs versus Ritchies battle! (The Festival range is another fantastic range of kits).CALL THE HOPLINE ON 01254 315082 OR ORDER ONLINE AT BREW2BOTTLE.CO.UK'