b'I have heard about many fermentations being slightlyThe main focus of the review is to feistier than normal and I was excited to see a feistycompare both beer kits. I was delighted one in action. Luckily Youngs IPA certainly didntto have this tasty task. But I also wanted BREWMASTER REVIEWS disappoint! The kits began bubbling away nicelythe review to examine other aspects 8-10 hours after the yeast had been pitched andof brewing. For example, brewing in a kept bubbling away for around 7 days which wasRitchies bucket versus a Brew2Bottle BATTLE OF THE IPAS perfect. On day two of the fermentation, the Youngsbucket, using carbonation drops in one IPA kicked off massively and the brew was pouringbrew versus priming sugar in the other out of the airlock, covering the lid of the bucket. Afterand finally bottling in glass bottles versus several thorough cleans of the airlock, the kit calmedPET Bottles.down ever so slightly.I would certainly look at using a blow off tube instead of just an airlock in the future! My plan was for both brews to be fermenting in their vessels for two After 12 days, once fermentation had slowed down,weeks, they would then be carbonated I added the hops to each brew. I used the strainingwith either drops or priming sugar and bag in the Youngs kit and dry hopped the Razorback.left in a dark room for two weeks. The The airlock went crazy on both kits over the followingbrew would be moved to the refrigerator 24 hours, then calmed right back down, which wasfor two weeks. As both ales are heavily perfectly timed as the kits where ready for bottlinghopped, I really wanted to ensure I could 48 hours later. I had a final gravity (FG) of 1.004 ontaste the true flavours of each kit.The Youngs and 1.008 on the Razorback. This gave an ABV of 6.5% on the Youngs kit and 5.7% on theI began the brews 24 hours apart so Razorback. I could ensure I was fully prepped for each kit. I wanted everything planned The bottling process is just never easy is it? Both thebefore I got started. The equipment wasBEER & CIDER KITSPET bottles and glass bottles found themselves inappropriately sanitised with a no rinse the bath for 15 minutes being given a thorough scrubsanitiser. The extract, sugar, hot and cold using the Brew2Bottle no rinse sanitiser. The bottleswater were all added and stirred as per were left them to stand for an hour upside down,the instructions. The yeast was pitched until they were dried out. I transferred both brewson both kits at 23C, using the LCD from one bucket to another, using a simple syphon inThermometer which was attached to the order to remove some of the sediment and any otherside of both buckets.remnants of the hops. In the Razorback, I added the additional priming sugar. In comparison, I added a carbonation drop per glass bottle before bottling the Youngs IPA. The bottling process can take anywhereCONTINUED.between 1 to 3 hours, depending on how thorough you are, but it is a massively important part of the brewing process.ALL PRICES ACCURATE ON DATE OF PRINT | ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT'