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Welcome - Garth Vader - 09-25-2018

Hello and welcome to our brand new Brew2Bottle 4Rum. 

A place to discuss, digest and disagree anything and everything, but mainly the art of the brew. We want to build a community around which your ideas and suggestions can make this 4rum and the store itself a better place to spend your time.

We'll be running competitions from time to time, registered 4rum users will also have access to a secret clearance section, top posters will get 'special benefits' and in general this will be the place to find out what is new and upcoming.

So drop a post and introduce yourselves, there's a special discount in our store for people registering for the forum  Wink

P.S. Verification mails for account creation do have a habit of dropping into junk mail, so if you're waiting for it to come through please check there as it's usually a pretty instant email.